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Training Mittwoch + Freitag

Dienstag, 26 Januar, 2016

Training Mittwoch = RS

Training Freitag = SL



Learning To Play Arcade Games

Montag, 25 Januar, 2016

Arcade machines are one of the most common sights in any town, mall or other public place. Whether it is a row of machines strategically placed throughout the place, or just a single machine located at the entrance to a restaurant or bar, people love to play these slots. There are many different types of arcade machines available to players, but the two most popular varieties are coin operated and slot machines. Coin operated machines are usually considered more fun than slot machines, but both have their pros and cons. Both require the same amount of skill and strategy to be successful, and either type can be extremely fun for all ages.

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Coin operated arcade machines are popular because they require very little upkeep and often work best when only a few people are using the machine at once. In addition, since there is no mechanical movement, the game does not get “wet” or “cold”, and players do not get frustrated with a slow response from a machine. Coin operated machines are also much more common in public places such as restaurants and bars, where many people may frequent the machine while drinking. While slot machines are usually only found in gambling facilities, they are still quite popular in public places due to the fact that they are so easy to access and pay for. In addition, most slot machines are relatively quick to dispatch winning lines, and do not require the same amount of waiting.

As you can see, both types of arcade machines are popular, and it is up to you which one you prefer to play. Both types of gaming can be addicting and highly entertaining, but if you are planning on having a full-time life with one machine, then you should probably stick to playing the slots. If, however, you are only planning on using your machine on occasion or for very limited amounts of time, then go with the coin operated machine. Either way, it will be an experience you will never forget! For more information on arcade machines, as well as other types of games you may want to try out, contact your local video game store today. There are usually a number of helpful staff members that can give you advice on what to buy and how to play.

Training 27.01 + 29.01

Sonntag, 24 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen

Training nächste Woche.

Geplant 27.01 Mittwoch + 29.01 Freitag in Fischbach.

Uhrzeit: 16:00 -18:00 Uhr.

Falls sich etwas ändert, werde ich hier kurzfristig eine Info geben.



Ki.-Rennen So. Talentiade in Ibach

Samstag, 23 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen,

Morgen  zur Talentiade in Ibach für die Jahrgänge 2006-2009.


Treffpunkt um 9.00Uhr Sport Behringer zur gemeinsamen Abfahrt.

Start um 11.00 Uhr


Grüsse Martin


Training Do.21.1. + Fr.22.1.

Dienstag, 19 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen,

diese Woche mache ich am Donnerstag ab 14.00 Uhr Training bis 16.30Uhr. Riesenslalom in Fischbach.

Am Freitag von 16.00 Uhr bis 18.30 Uhr, Slalom in Fischbach.

Bis dann Martin Behringer



Rennen Sa. am Seebuck

Freitag, 15 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen ,

Am Samstag  gehen 17 Kinder zum Bezirksrennen  am Feldberg Seebuck,

Startnummern (holt Chantal 8.45Uhr Seebuck Talstation) Ausgabe am Start,

Laufbesichtigung  mit Rainer Keller und Timo Steiert ca 9.00Uhr.

Start : 10.00Uhr

Treffpunkt: Schmidtsmarkt    Abfahrt: 8.00 Uhr

Bis dann Martin


Training Freitag 15.01.16

Donnerstag, 14 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen,

am Freitag ist Training in Fischbach.

RS Lauf mit den kurzen Stangen.

Uhrzeit: 15:30 ca. 2-2,5 Std.



Training Mittwoch 13.01.16

Montag, 11 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen,

am Mittwoch ist Training in Fischbach.

RS Lauf mit den kurzen Stangen.

Uhrzeit: 15:30 ca. 2-2,5 Std.








Training heute Sonntag

Sonntag, 10 Januar, 2016

Gutem Morgen,

wir haben uns für den Feldberg entschieden, es schneit oben und es wird somit nicht so nass werden.

Nehmt eure langen Ski mit (RS),wir werden versuchen mit Stummel/Pinsel etwas zu machen und frei zu fahren

(mit viel Spaß)

Kommen können alle, wir sind zu zweit.

Bei den Jüngsten (Fin,Mats,Chiara…)sollte jemand von den Eltern mitkommen.


Treffpunkt: 14.00Uhr am Seebuck, Einstieg Tellerlift/Resi

Ende: um 16.30Uhr

Bis dann Martin

Tel.07656-257  oder  0173-3405215

Training Samstag

Samstag, 9 Januar, 2016

Hallo zusammen

Heute Training in Fischbach für alle.

Uhrzeit: 13:30 – ca. 15:30-16:00

Evtl. im oberen Bereich einen kurzen RS. ( Schneelage ! )

+ freies Fahren.


Rainer K.